Introducing Fitzsimons Development

This is the website of Anthony Gerald Fitzsimons. The place for App, Game, and Website development. Servicing Dublin, Ireland, UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

App Development – learning from Nokia

Learning from excellence and understanding how the mouse being dead will effect business and society. The mouse next to your computer not in your kitchen. Non-technical businesses are making money from Apps every day. What makes a successful App?

Game Development

To make money from games we need to understand what is at the core of why people play games. It’s important to know what would make them want to buy all of the in-app purchases instead of just one and why is gaming such as powerful tool for learning.

Web Design & Development

The secret to a successful and memorable website is easy to understand yet difficult to get right. You defiantly don’t want your website to be standard and another forgettable, lost in the surf of the internet sea.